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La marca Novotechnik está ofrecida durante siete años por ONRION LLC con precios razonables y plazo de entrega para nuestros clientes estimados de Mexico . La siguente lista incluye productos que nosotros ofrecemos de la marca Novotechnik Nuestra manera de entrega es EXW con redes de distribución por todo el Mundo

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Novotechnik produce a variety of sizes, the largest series of products to meet the needs of customers

Novotechnik linear displacement sensor specifications, travel from 5mm to 5000mm, using various principles potentiometer or non-contact, and configure a variety of signal output, either as a stand-alone sensor products, but also as a member to use. Mechanical dimensions Novotechnik Winkelensor complete specifications. Product robust, compact design, high sensitivity.

Undoubtedly, Novotechnik's flexible structure, the idea of ​​sophisticated linear and angular displacement sensor displacement sensor will provide you with ideal products. We can also tailor-made exclusive products. Electronic accelerator sensors include an accelerator pedal, angle sensors, and mechanical devices. The reaction product simulation accelerator pedal to speed up the process to reach the driver steps to the action electronically.

When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the operation of this pedal sensor signals the electronic control unit, which automatically determines the degree of opening of the throttle valve housing.

Novotechnik better quality assurance is our first ISO / TS 16949 certified worldwide winner has been confirmed. Novotechnik automotive industry renowned A-Class suppliers. We have awarded "BOSCH" the "Excellent Supplier". We now have as many as 70 million worldwide sensor mounted on the car without faulty complaint, which is best reflected in the quality of reliability

In Novotechnik, each product is under the high standards of standardized management during the production process. 100% of the product has been fully tested to ensure superior performance.

People-oriented, sustainable development Novotechnik highly modern and automated production processes to ensure product accuracy and quality. By analyzing the different needs of customers from around the world, with the highest cost-benefit to provide customers with the right products and quality service is our ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, we continue to invest in product development, use environmentally-friendly production methods and tools to enable all business processes, strategic compliance with environmental, social and industrial technical requirements. This is our business philosophy, but we are also able to achieve cutting-edge technology in order to meet the requirements for higher challenges.

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