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Waircom MBS Industrial Pneumatic Components

Waircom offers a wide range of cylinders that meet the most diverse requirements and industrial applications. We are able to propose linear (with or without piston rod), guided, compact, non-rotating and rotatable actuators that meet the most common international standards or with our own designs and point to the optimization of the quality / price rate Current care to negate the constant innovation. All series, if not already included in the original designs of the cylinders, also see the use of convenient accessories or magnetic sensors, which enable an even broader possibility of exploitation. As usual, all these works can be carried out thanks to a production process driven by a quality assurance system, which meets all requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Cylinders to ISO 6432 standard products Round cylinders
Stainless steel round cylinders with techno-polymer caps (to ISO 6432 standard for Ø 16 ÷ 25) Clean pro fi le cylinders to ISO 15552 standard
Tie rods cylinders to ISO 15552 standard Ø 125 ÷ 320
Mickey mouse 'profile with' T'-slots cylinders to ISO 15552 standard » Fixings for cylinders to ISO 15552 standard Guide units for cylinders to ISO 6432 standard Piston rod locking unit for cylinders to ISO 6432 standard
Twin rod cylinders
Cylinders to AFNOR NF E49-001 (ex CNOMO) standard Cylinders to ex CETOP RP 43 P standard Compact cylinders to AFNOR NF E49-004-1 and NF E49-004-2 standards Compact cylinders to ISO 21287 standard Compact cylinders
Compact guided cylinders
Screwed-head cylinders
Rodless cylinders
Hydraulic speed regulators
Rotary cylinders
Cylinders piston rod attachments
Stainless steel compact cylinders to ISO 21287 standard Stainless steel round cylinders
Stainless steel Cylinders to ISO 6432 standard Stainless steel tie rod cylinders to ISO 15552 standard Cartridges cylinders Magnetic sensors for cylinders series FM101
Magnetic sensors for cylinders series FM157
Magnetic sensors for cylinders series FM100
Magnetic sensors for cylinders series FM158

Waircom valves and solenoid valves have been manufactured according to different production philosophies to adapt to the different contexts in which they could be used. Thus, along with the historical tellurium, various families of valves with coil formations have been produced over the centuries, which can be used individually, in multiple-assembly or with a multi-connector. Also, some of the series in this chapter meet the international reference standards and, as usual, we present a series of valves designed entirely by ourselves according to the needs of the market. It is important to remember that some rows of these valves can create or work with the liquid so that we can cover another part of the industrial market. Finally, there are also for the items that belong to this family some accessories such as bases, coils, connectors and cables.
Direct acting solenoid valves 10 mm
Direct acting solenoid valve side 15 mm
Direct acting solenoid valves side 32 mm
Direct acting solenoid valves with sleeve Ø 9 mm
Coils for solenoid valves side 22 mm with sleeve Ø 9 mm
Coils for solenoid valves side 30 mm with sleeve Ø 9 mm to ex CNOMO standards
Series MEK 192 / N - Series USR 102 / N9 - series ULR1B Connectors DIN 43650
Spool valves pilot and solenoid actuated G1 / 8 Spool compact valves pilot and solenoid actuated G 1/8 and VDMA 24563 standards size 02
Spool compact valves pilot and solenoid actuated G 1/8 - G 1/4
Spool valves pilot and solenoid actuated G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2 Poppet valve pilot and solenoid actuated G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2 - G 1 Valves to ISO 5599/1 standard pilot and solenoid actuated sizes 1 - 2 - 3
Valves to ex CETOP RP 32 P standard pilot and solenoid actuated sizes 05 - 12 - 35
Solenoid valves for industrial media G 1/8 ÷ G 2
Valves for vacuum solenoid pilot assisted actuated G 1/8 ÷ G 2
Vacuum generators G1 / 8 ÷ G 1

Also in this series of valves, we can find both the plate and the coil construction to meet the different applications. These valves can, according to their definition, be actuated either by a mechanical device or by an operator, and can be used together with some complementary valves, which, despite their definition, are of great importance for the proper and efficient operation of each pneumatic circuit.
Spool valves manual and mechanically actuated G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2
Poppet valves manually and mechanically actuated G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2
Valves pedal actuated G1 / 8 - G 1/4
Complementary valves: shuttle, quick exhaust and check valves
Complementary valves: pneumatic logic elements
Complementary valves: fl ow regulators G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2
Complementary valves: block valves G 1/8 - G 1/4 - G 1/2
Complementary valves: ampli fi er valves

Before using the air as a fluid for most of the components mentioned in the previous chapters, it must be treated properly; For this reason, Waircom offers these two series of f-r-l (filters, regulators and lubricators) with a range of sizes ranging from G 1 / 8Πto G 1 that. In addition to these leading products, the f-r-l can be assembled with gentle start and stop valves. The f-r-l units also have their own accessories (manometer and switch), which meet the Waircom offer.
Air treatment accessories: pressure gauges Ø 40 - 50 - 63 - 100
Air treatment accessories: pressure switches
Air treatment: fi lter + reducer + lubricator G 3/8 - G 1/2 - G 1
Air treatment: fi lter EZF G 3/8 - G 1/2 - G 1
Air treatment: fi lter reducer + lubricator G 1/4
Air treatment: fi lter reducer + lubricator G3 / 8 - G 1/2 - G 1
Air treatment: fi lter reducer EZRR / F G 3/8 - G1 / 2 - G 1
Air treatment: filter reducer UZRRM / F G 1/4
Air treatment: fi lter UZF G1 / 8 - G 1/4
Air treatment: fi lter + reducer + lubricator G 1/4
Air treatment: lubricator EZL G 3/8 - G 1/2 - G1
Air treatment: lubricator UZL G 1/4
Air treatment: pressure reducer EZRR G 3/8 - G 1/2 - G 1
Air treatment: pressure reducer UZRR G 1/4
Air treatment: shut - off valve UZVL G 1/4 and accessories Air treatment: shut-off valve EZVL G3 / 8 -G1 / 2-G 1 and accessories Air treatment: soft-start valve EZAP G 3/8 - G1 / 2 - G 1
Air treatment: soft-start valve UZAP G 1/4
Pressure proportional valves

Hoses and Fittings: These were missing to provide a real complete service for all our customers. Now they are here as well and can satisfy the different needs of an ever more dynamic market. Waircom, together with the push-in fittings (both technopolymer and brass), are able to implement the push-on and standard design, the mini-ball valves and a silencer family on pipes that affect both the sizes and the materials used As wide as possible for pneumatic applications
Push-in techno-polymer fi ttings
Push-in brass fittings
Standard fittings
Push-on brass fi ttings
Mini ball-valves products
Polyamide tubes (PA12) products Polyurethane tubes (PU 98 ShA)
Polyethylene tubes (LDPE) products
Waircom (M)8 107 B Waircom ⌀ 70/90 DC Waircom 0-12 BAR4311 (N.65) Waircom 0405100-125CPU Waircom 040536-250XT-M Waircom 040550-125CPUI Waircom 040550-125CPUIF Waircom 0405535-50DP Waircom 040563-100CPUI Waircom 040563-150CPUIF Waircom 040563-250XT-M Waircom 040570-100DV Waircom 040580-150XT-M Waircom 0408FM100 Waircom 04580-8DCPUICF Waircom 1" FILTER REGULATOR INTAKE 2.P.FR.100 UPGRADE FOR IS-E AND IS75 Waircom 1/8 MICRONEBBIA 8,5 BAR UZRRM 8/7 F20 (N.65) Waircom 1/8 MICRONEBBIA UZL8M (N.65) Waircom 100 / SG / CPU Waircom 100/150CPU Waircom 100/SG/CPUI/N2 Waircom 105 KUER/ZR Waircom 10X 50/200 DCB2 Waircom 126/400 CX Waircom 126/400 CXFM Waircom 16/20 UDC Waircom 160/200 CPUI/M Waircom 160/250 CPUI/N Waircom 160/300 XL/M Waircom 160/600 XL/M Waircom 160/SG/CPUI Waircom 160/SG/CPUI/N Waircom 1X 50/70 DPB Waircom 1X UKCA4/U Waircom 1X ULCSV/R22050 Waircom 1X UZL4 Waircom 20/30 DVB Waircom 200/SG/CPUI/M Waircom 25 X 160 Waircom 25 X 50 Waircom 25/40BD Waircom 25-60 UDC Waircom 27/150DPB Waircom 27/20 DVB Waircom 27/50 DCB Waircom UDS105 KUEC/ZR Waircom 3.P.MAS4, MAS-4, PNEUMATIC SWITCH Waircom 32/150 PDEX Waircom 32/25 CPUI/M Waircom 32/30 DBUA/M8 Waircom 32/40X/M Waircom 32/90BD Waircom 32/90PD Waircom 32R25CX Waircom 35/10 DCB Waircom 35/100 DCB Waircom 40/125 CPUI/N Waircom 40/12K/060 EDH Waircom 40/12K/100 EDH Waircom 40/12K/160 EDH Waircom 40/130 DCB Waircom 40/15 DCB Waircom 40/15 DPB Waircom 40/15 DVB Waircom 40/1500 XT/N5S7 Waircom 40/20 D CB C Waircom 40/200 DCB Waircom 40/30BD Waircom 40/30PD Waircom 40/50 DB Waircom 40/65 DBU7 Waircom 40/90 Waircom 40/90 CPUI/M Waircom 50/100 XT Waircom 50/100 XT/M Waircom 50/1200 CPU Waircom 50/200 CPUI/M Waircom 50/70 D PB Waircom 50/90 Waircom 50/SG/20KR/ED Waircom 50/SG/CPUI/N Waircom 58/30 DFAB Waircom 58/60 SVB Waircom 63/1000 CX/FM Waircom 63/125XT/M Waircom 63/1600 ZKF Waircom 63/20 DB/M Waircom 63/20K/80 EDH Waircom 63/20KR/30 ED3H, BOHRUNG 63 MM, HUB 30 MM Waircom 63/20KR/30 EDH, BOHRUNG 80 MM, HUB 160 MM Waircom 63/40 CPU Waircom 63/SG/CX/FM Waircom 63/SG/Z Waircom 70/120 D CB Waircom 70/40 D VB Waircom 8/30 UDC/S S000175201022 Waircom 80/40 CPU Waircom 80-0020 WAA0805334 D80 H20 Waircom 85/10 DFAB2 Waircom 9062 Waircom A/SG/2 Waircom ALR 8 (N.4) Waircom ALR2 Waircom ALR4 Waircom ALR4/S 000580001545 Waircom ALR8 Waircom AMTL4 Waircom AR8 Waircom Artikel 204 Waircom AS8 Waircom C/USCSVG Waircom CA 1/8 Waircom CA/SG/4 Waircom CALR8 Waircom CALR8. Waircom CAM4F Waircom CASS4 Waircom CCML4F Waircom CLR 4 Waircom CLR4 Waircom CLR4/S 000789001545 Waircom CLR8 Waircom CLRU4 Waircom CLRU8 Waircom CM4F Waircom CM8 Waircom CML8F Waircom CML-8F Waircom CQB8/N Waircom CS8 Waircom CS4 Waircom CS8 VALVE 1/8" Waircom CT 4 Waircom CT8 Waircom D3 4B Waircom D3/2B Waircom D3/4B Waircom D3/4B TMF Waircom D63/SG/ED3 Waircom D63/TA25/ED3 Waircom D63K/25KR/120/ED3H T16/T56 Waircom DRUCKREGLER, G1/8“TYP URG8/2 Waircom DRUCKWÄCHTER Waircom DS 8 Waircom DS-8 PNEUMATIC VALVE + CONNECTORS, 3.P.DS8 Waircom EK4 KUC/KUC Waircom EK4/MVF Waircom EK8/TF Waircom EKC2 KUC/ZQ Waircom EKC8/A Waircom EKC8KR-ZR, 3.P.EKC8, PNEUMATIC VALVE + CONNECTORS Waircom EKCA 4/PS MAX 10 BAR Waircom EKCA 8 KR/ZR Waircom EKCA2 KR/ZR Waircom EKCA2 KUC/KUC Waircom EKCA2 KUC/ZR Waircom EKCA2 SUC/SUC Waircom EKCA2/M Waircom EKCA2/U Waircom EKCA4 KUC/KUC Waircom EKCA4 KUC/ZR Waircom EKCA4 KUR/ZR Waircom EKCA4/LR Waircom EKCA8 KUC ZR Waircom EKCA8 KUC/ZR/S Waircom EKCA8 SUC/SUC Waircom EKCA8/LR Waircom EKCA8/MAF Waircom EKCA8/MV Waircom EKCA8/MVF Waircom EKCA8/TF Waircom EKCA8/U Waircom EKCA8 KUC/ZR, Waircom EKCA8KUCZR (N.7) Waircom EKCA8-MF Waircom ELO 4 Waircom ELY 4 Waircom ENCA4 KUC/ZR Waircom ES 8/N (N.20) Waircom ES4/N Waircom ES8/N Waircom EZF2 / 20 PM/ SA Waircom EZL2/PM Waircom EZRR 3/7 Waircom EZRR1/7

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Waircom(M)8 107 B (M)8 107 B
Waircom⌀ 70/90 DC ⌀ 70/90 DC
Waircom0-12 BAR4311 (N.65) 0-12 BAR4311 (N.65)
Waircom0405100-125CPU 0405100-125CPU
Waircom040536-250XT-M 040536-250XT-M
Waircom040550-125CPUI 040550-125CPUI
Waircom040550-125CPUIF 040550-125CPUIF
Waircom0405535-50DP 0405535-50DP
Waircom040563-100CPUI 040563-100CPUI
Waircom040563-150CPUIF 040563-150CPUIF